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5 Common Mistakes Stopping You From Losing Weight

by Mary Seibert

Everyone knows that losing weight is no walk in the park. There are so many of diets and meal plans, as well workout routines out there, and yet a large majority of us find it difficult to lose weight. Eating right is a big part of weight loss for anyone and there’s no denying the fact that once you nail your diet and follow it strictly, without cheating, you will achieve your weight loss goals. However, a crucial part of losing weight is also loading up on the right kind of nutrients and also eating at the right time of the day. Eating enough is also very important- you can never lose weight and remain healthy by simply starving yourself.

These are 5 common weight loss diet mistakes we need to stop making:

  1. Overdoing the proteins: Merely loading up on all the protein that you can get your hands on, is not going to make you lose weight. You need to determine the right amount of protein your body needs, according to your fitness goals and give your body, just that much.
  2. Not eating enough vegetables: Vegetables are low-calorie alternatives to other snacks. But we often don’t eat the right type of vegetable or do not eat enough of them. They’re nutritious and full of bio available vitamins and minerals so, are essential to ensure healthy weight loss.
  3. Expecting too much too soon: You are not going to become lighter after just a day of eating right. That is not going to happen as quickly as you would like. But weight loss will surely come, if you just stick to eating wholesome delicious food as found in this amazing new set of paleo recipe books.
  4. Having a ‘light’ breakfast: Skipping breakfast or having just a glass of juice for breakfast is a cardinal sin when you’re dieting. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so make sure you make it nutritious and filling.
  5. Bingeing after workouts: A lot of us use workouts as an excuse to binge afterwards. But what we’re actually doing is throwing all our hard work in the gym or steps, down the drain. Rather than giving into a cheat day, ensure you have some paleo treats on hand instead.  Try a coconut cashew bar or a chia berry smoothie.  Your future you will thank you!

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